Trim around the Havanese eyes or not?

The trimming of the hair around the eyes is a frequent topic in the forums: to trim or not to trim? The community is divided; some insist on the 100% natural look, while others are in the ‘do trim’ camp.

If you’re exhibiting in sanctioned AKC or CKC shows the decision is made for you: the only trimming permissible is the anal and genital areas but it “should not be noticeable on presentation”.

So how about in the everyday world of the pet owner? Watch the video above for advice from Certified Master Groomer Jodi Murphy.

In my case the decision was made by a groomer that decided my dog “needed to see” and trimmed of her own accord. I tried in earnest to let the hair grow out but the irritation was more than evident as my dog constantly worked to get the hair out of her eyes by rubbing her face on the floor. The irritation also greatly increased tear staining. So while I would have preferred the natural look I’m content with the trade-off. I have her on the grooming table daily anyway, so a quick check of her eye hair situation is part of our routine now.

See more of Jodi’s instructional video here.

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