My Havanese’s favorite toy in the whole world

Keeping the mind of an intelligent dog like the Havanese is important for their development and well-being. It can also be a challenge. At under $14 the Treat Tower is a great answer for the Havanese owner.

The Treat Tower dispenses kibble treats you load into it when the dog causes it to wobble. You can adjust the size of the holes to make that easier or harder, depending on how your Hav interacts with it.

That it can be adapted to your dog’s ability is great: if the game is too easy and ends to quickly you can make it just a little harder. Conversely, if your Hav gets frustrated, you can adjust the payout to be easier to achieve.

In the video above my Havanese Rory is seeing the Treat Tower for the very first time. It doesn’t take long at all for her to figure out that getting it to wobble will make it dispense a little treat.

Before finding the Treat Tower I was able to keep my Havanese Rory happily entertained for a period with the OurPets Smarter Toys Interactive IQ Treat Ball.

It is, however, a lightweight ball prone to rolling under furniture and disappearing but also a great toy.

The Treat Tower is nicely weighted and won’t go far, and definitely not under the sofa. There are two sizes: small and large. I bought the small for my 7 lb. two-year old Hav female and she can work it with just the right amount of challenge built-in. The small size Treat Tower weighs 16.30 ounces but feels heavier.

This would also be an ideal solution for situations in which a dog fed dry kibble eats too fast.

The construction is about what you’d expect from a plastic dog toy made in China. The manufacturer certifies it free from lead, arsenic, mercury and an assortment of other awful sounding things.

It’s not a chew toy, you’re just asking it to wobble – so unless you have an overly destructive Hav I anticipate you’ll get years of utility out of what I consider easily one of my best dog toy purchases at any price.

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