Richell expandable pet pen is best in its class

If Pottery Barn made pet crates this is what they'd look like.

Richell is to pet pens what Apple is to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The Richell expandable pet pen is extremely well made, attractive, has no sharp surfaces to injure your puppy, expands, accepts an optional divider and top, and perhaps its best feature is its exclusive floor tray, that keeps all your puppiness out of your carpet or off your hardwood.

The Richell pet pen is a near-perfect crate, housebreaking aid, and exercise pen all in one.

It expands from 35.4 inches to 60.6 inches wide and with the optional divider you can separate the eating and sleeping area from the potty area.

The $254.99 price startles some people and I understand that. When compared to a bare metal or plastic crate the price differential can be jarring. But it is an unfair comparison; this is your crate and exercise pen in one – the only one that comes with the protective floor tray.

It’s rectangular shape makes it easier to place in your home than if it was square.

As for the cost, it works out to about a nickel a day over the lifespan of a Havanese – but you recoup that quickly in the carpet shampooing that you don’t have to do, or the hardwood floor resurfacing that you don’t have to do.

A common complaint that you see with exercise pens, besides their flimsy construction, is how easy it is for climbers to get a toehold on the way out. The Richell pen has a single horizontal bar at puppy level so it’s sides will not be used as a ladder by an adventurous pup.

Beyond it’s superior functionality and build quality, aesthetics often drives its purchase as some people prefer a more finished appearance compared against the bare wire alternatives. For me, the protective floor tray is the key.

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