Buy a quality Havanese at a discounted price? Yes, it’s possible.

Havanese dogs at bargain prices? Yes, it is possible.

You can buy a quality Havanese dog at a substantial discount and I am going to tell you how. First let me say that all of your other costs are going to remain the same; food, veterinary care, etc. Because those can be formidable you should know that this solution does not mitigate the real everyday cost of Havanese ownership, merely the acquisition.

Here is the secret: most reputable Havanese breeders retire their breeding dams and sires at about the age of six years old as an average. They do this in order to bring fresh bloodlines into their breeding program. When they rehome these adult dogs they often make them available at a low price, sometimes just offsetting the cost of spaying or neutering.

Reputable high-end breeders have exhibited their broodstock and in many cases you may be taking home an AKC or CKC Champion. This dog will not come to you sexually intact so the fact that Scruffy is a Champion is not really important as you won’t be permitted to breed it, but this is a positive when you understand that a dog that has had a show career is already house-trained and has had some degree of general training, has traveled, is accustomed to being handled and bathed, and more often than not has an excellent temperament.

The breeders want the very best homes for these dogs. They know and love these Havanese and have had them in their homes, and while they are in a sense putting them out to pasture, they are only putting them in the very best of pastures because they want them to have full and happy family lives.

Another type of dog that is often available at something of a discount is what is sometimes called a “washout”. This might be a dog that was not successful in the show ring, or one that the breeder held back to see if it would grow into a competitive show prospect. This juvenile Hav may have conformation issues such as layback of the shoulder angle, or underbite, that while visible to a show judge, would likely be invisible to the average pet owner.

Let me reiterate once more that none of your ongoing costs are reduced in any way. You still want to feed your dog a quality diet and address all of its veterinary needs.

How to find one? You’ll want to contact breeders directly. Don’t count on retired mamas and papas being on their websites, or their websites being up to date at all. Some breeders are best reached by email and others over the phone. Don’t make an assumption. Inquire if they have, or anticipate having retired adults available for rehoming. Be prepared to discuss your knowledge of the breed and your suitability as their dog’s forever home.

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