How to train your dog to stop pulling on the leash without force and without treats (Zeus the GSD)

Go to Petflow! Enter Code: ZakGeorge15 when you check our to receive 15% off of your first purchase Help us make more videos! Like me on Facebook: Various examples of leash walking lessons with very different dogs: How to teach your dog to let go of a toy: Nina learns how to walk nicely on leash: Lafitte the reactive rescue dog learns to walk nicely on leash: Boudreaux the puppy learns to walk on leash with distractions: Chloe the shelter pit bull learns how to behave on leash without biting and pulling: Zeus is one wild German Shepherd! This is Zeus’ first training session where he will introduced to the concept of walking WITHOUT Pulling, Making matters more challenging we’ll do it without exercising him first. Naturally, I’ll show you how to teach this without having to use any special collars. Lots of you love seeing how to work with dogs in a real world setting when cats, dogs, people and EVERYTHING else seem to distract your dog and keep them from learning.

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