I built my own Havanese home grooming shop in a coat closet

I wanted a convenient area for Rory’s grooming; her daily combing and brushing, cleaning her eyes and ears, brushing her teeth, etc. – and when I get the courage up, to do her full grooming. Update: I got the courage up.

The problem is I did not have a place to set it up. Many Havanese owners adapt their laundry rooms and use the space on top of the washer and

 dryer. I have a stacking washer/dryer set so that was not going to work.

And while I don’t think that there is such thing as a ‘spare’ closet – I did have one that I could reclaim by organizing the others better. Voilà! I have a convenient little grooming station. Emphasis little.

Probably the biggest challenge was lighting. I wanted nice even lighting, but there were no

Coat closet grooming station
Right after I got it set up I realized that with so little area I needed something on the wall to hold everything.

fixtures installed, and in such an enclosed I felt heat might become a problem.

For that reason I went with LED lighting strips that I could just mount to the bottom of the closet’s shelf.

Use directional arrows to scroll through the pics.

I bought the wall storage unit from The Container Store. It’s a system called elfa® and you can order whatever hooks, trays, or containers you need. These pieces came to about $100 and you can order online or in-store if there’s a location near you.

It’s not fancy but it’s utilitarian. Not counting the wall unit I spent under $200 setting it all up and saving $75 every six to eight weeks it paid for itself pretty quickly.

Maybe more than that it allows me to style her exactly like I want to, and the added bonding time we spend doing it is a bonus.

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