Forced air dryer for small breed dogs

Forced air dryer for small breed dogs

If you’ve considered a forced air dryer such as the Metro but think it’s size and power (and price) represents overkill for your little Havanese, then your answer is here.

It’s the XPOWER A-2 which is marketed and an electric computer duster and auto detailer but is spot on perfect as a toy breed forced air dryer and the manufacturer does provide an image of it in that role.

The 3/4 HP 500 watt motor sends more than enough air to blow your Hav dry and there are two-speeds so you can modulate the air velocity. It’s 90 CFM airflow matches up with the medium setting on the Metro.

In many ways it’s better suited for the job than the Metro.  The A-2’s durable ABS is more impact resistance than the Metro and won’t rust like the Metro.

One of the common complaints for the Metro line and forced air dryers in general is noise. The Metro registers 105 decibels which is in a class with an outboard boat motor, a power lawn mower, or a motorcycle.

The A-2 is not silent, and comes in at 85 decibels which puts in a class with a kitchen blender, garbage disposal or a handheld blow dryer like the Andis.

The A-2 comes in 3 colors, has a 10 foot power cord, and eight nozzles – so after you’re done drying the dog, you can inflate an air mattress, clean your computer and keyboard, detail your car, and blow the leaves off the deck!

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