25 questions to ask the breeder before you buy a puppy

25 questions to ask a breeder before you buy a puppy
  1. What health tests do you perform on your breeding dogs? Ask for CERF and OFA/CHIC numbers, or ask for the sire and dam’s AKC number so you can look up the health testing yourself at: www.offa.org.
  2. Will you do the initial worming and vaccinations of the puppies? How many?
  3. What are your requirements regarding spaying and neutering?
  4. What choices do I have regarding sex and color?
  5. Do you have both parents on site? If only have the dam, do you have information and pictures of the sire? Note: if neither parent is on site, run fast, and don’t ask any more questions!
  6. At what age could I bring my puppy home? Puppies should stay with their mothers and siblings until at least 10 weeks old.
  7. What do you charge for show or pet quality? The typical cost of a Havanese from a reputable is anywhere from $1500-$2500 USD. There may be some exceptions, but go with your instinct, if it sounds to good to be true – chances are it is.
  8. Are the parents and puppies AKC registered? If not, why?
  9. Will you provide me with a copy of the puppies pedigree?
  10. Will you provide with limited registration on my puppy? Note: breeders should not be charging more for papers, this is against AKC’s rules.
  11. Do you show your dogs in conformation or agility?
  12. What titles do your dogs have? i.e. AKC Championships, Aility, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Therapy Dog, Obedience.
  13. Do you have a health guarantee? For how long? And what does your health guarantee cover?
  14. Do you require co-ownership? If so, why and for how long?
  15. Do you have a waiting list if you don’t have a puppy available now?
  16. Are you a member of any Havanese clubs or all breed kennel clubs?
  17. How many litter’s do you have in a year?
  18. Will you provide me with a copy of your contract before I come to get my puppy?
  19. Have any of your dogs or their offspring had any health problems?
  20. What health problems are you aware of in your lines? Note: if a breeder tells you there are no health issues, walk away! Every line has some sort of health issues, they just may have not shown up, but you should be informed of any possibilities that could crop up.
  21. Where do you keep the puppies from birth until they go to their new homes?
  22. Am I able to come visit and see the puppies and their parents? Be cautious of breeders that won’t allow you to come and see where the dogs are kept and raise. A reputable breeder should encourage you come see the puppies and their other dogs.
  23. Will you ship your puppies? Again, most reputable breeders will not ship their puppies, there are many different ways to get the puppy to you, then in the belly of a plane. Again you need to use your best judgement and instinct on this.
  24. Do you microchip the puppy before it goes home?
  25. If for some reason I am no longer able to keep or care for my puppy/dog, what is your take back policy?
[How to choose a Havanese breeder]

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